You come to realize, its all as it should be, you can only do so much.

Happy new year, merry christmas, and Praise J'Esus and his elven host.

Big balance update. Stuff changes. More to come? Who knows!


Grapple rules have changed: Grapples applies status as normal but also will allow the player to set the terms of a grapple if a succeeding strike is achieved, and gain an automatic press if an obliteration is achieved. The 2 bonust dice "Pressing the Advantage" rule has been removed. Also tightened the press rules with regards to dealing damage to players using the press. Get Grabby!

Hazards: The rules for Hazards have been updated/clarified to allow the use of hazard avoiding skills and equipment in specific situations. Them Duke boys can now avoid whole heaps of trouble.

Fluid Swapping: Changed Swap: One die is usable in another caste of action; and added Fluidity: up to 10 dice can be exchened for another effect at a ratio of 2:1. Better than nothing (what Swap was)

Use it or loos it:clarified universal combo from equipment. Now you have to USE the item.

Doom music: Changed General Theory of Existential Dooms to a proper section and moved it to chapter 1. It's real, and it's infecting us all.

first, second, and third digree swoons: Characters can now accumulate multiple swoons and there is a mechanic for dying of it. Will you endure?

Concentration: Clarified Concentration. Apologies Spartan.

Tweaking: Rules for modifying existing equipment has been added. It ain't easy.

Supernatural Module

Chose life: Added: [7]Ressurect with loss, [5]Re-incarnate. We can now do things at lower level.

Nerfhammer of Death: Split cure swoon into: [3]guts, [4]cure swoon, [5] regeneration. The difference is scars.