Class Privilage Update

After accumulating a large list of update tasks I have finally updated the book. Im sure there will be more to come in the near future as we chew on this update.


- Added to the "Theory of Casted Damage" to disambiguate physical vs. elemental attacks. It's about difineable source!!

- Added clarifying text to the 1 Armour rule. The idea is that you wear 1 armour.

- Updated "Rough dice" to encompass haphazard castes of action and added it to section 1.2. Welcome to the world of AD-HOC solutions.

- Added "Collateral Damage" rules to section 1.2. Oof!

- Clarified "Swooning" to encompass non-physical castes of action. Because thats reality.

- Grappling is now overruled by the nature of the entities involved. Grappling Hedorah is no longer a thing.

- Added "Universal Combo". That is combo that can be used normally on relevant castes of action or stacked together with other combo to pay combo costs. Various sections have been changed to align with these new definitions.

- Entry talents now provide universal combo.

- Added Classes Module. Also, changed Special Actions and supernatural to reflect better class rules. Stay Classy!

- Changed the main title name for Caste of action Talent trees, Profession Trees, and Style talents to Skills, Professions, and Styles respectively. The books rulestext will still reference CATTs etc. in the long form for clarity.

- Natural Talents module has been expanded to be a Races and Creatures module.

- Changed presser wording to be more clear.

- Added "Cantrips" to the supernatural module. Little effects can open big possibilities.

- Added Creation and Fortification to the L4 supernatural effects list. Spiritual weapon FTW.

- Changed and clarified the crafting style and universal combo on equipment costs.