The New Year

We shall finish what we started

A new year and a new Caste update. This I intend to be the final year of caste updates (in a major way). Next steps will be to get the artwork ready and finish the project for good.

Mostly the updates were clarity edits but some changes were made:

Hastes: Hastes now provide 1/2 again the speed rather than 1/3. Quality and Quantity.
The Polearm Exception: Melee weapons can have 1/10 range without a ammor requirement. Reach for the stars.
Pricing shifts: The pricing between modules in the book has been normalized... hopefully
Putting it together better: Added minions suggesstions and No-Effect Status' to give players ideas for character restrictions. Now we are Bloody Tired!
Dimmer: Lights and lines uses a 1/10 scaling for light radiance rather than 1/4. Illuminatingly Parallel.